Organic & Sustainable Christmas Gift Bundle (Large)

AED 249.00
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    Organic & Sustainable Christmas Gift Bundle (Large)
    AED 249.00
    AED 249.00

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    This unique gift bundle from Organic & Real includes premium organic food products perfect for Christmas or the holiday season. While sending along the best quality gifts, you can also rest assured that this season you are choosing the 'greener' way of gifting because the products are all non-toxic, non-GMO, and 100% Organic as also the gift bundles are put together using all natural and sustainable decoration and embellishments only.

    So once you have chosen this bundle, simply sit back with a smile knowing you have contributed thoughtfully towards a greener earth and lifestyle.

    And the bundle comes in beautiful and exclusive golden box, perfect for the festive season and which can convert to a keepsake treasure box for the receiver.

    Organic Products included:

    Gingerbread Cookies

    Love Crunch Granola - Dark Chocolate & Red berries

    Cocoa & Hazelnut Chocolate spread

    Hot & Spicy Drinking Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Bar - Peruvian Cacao with Coconut Blossom

    Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramelised Almonds