Our Story

It all started with one man's love for healthy, nutritious food. Manu Mahdi, our CEO & Founder is all too familiar with world cuisines and is a huge foodie himself. During his corporate stint spanning 16 years, travelling the world, he was always eager to try local cuisines, however bizarre. A career later in the food industry was somehow inevitable.
But it not until managing his family-owned hospital as it's CEO that he saw a different malaise associated with the consumption of food. And he got increasingly interested in understanding research findings linking the alarming proliferation of chronic conditions like Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity to one single factor - the food we eat. After seeing up close many close friends and family in recent times battling cancer, it was clear to him that the chemicals in the commercially-produced food could be the main culprit, along with a combination of several other factors of course.
Organic & Real is his humble venture to enhance people's lives with seamless solutions and to make better food available to more people while promoting sustainability and helping build a greener planet for generations to come.
Organic & real.com is passionate about making organic food available to anyone and everyone - anywhere in the world. Our aim through being the largest e-commerce platform in the region for everything Organic, Natural, Plant-based and Gluten-free is to put an end to the hunt and the hassle of shop hopping to find all your specialty requirements. All you have to do is browse through our varied collection, add your favorites to cart, and with the click of a button and pay online to get the best in healthy food delivered at your doorstep.
O&R was started in Dubai, but the vision is to create a new lifestyle all over the world, expanding to 20 countries in the next five years.
It is not just about the organic, natural, vegan or other speciality products we sell, but also the value that Organic & real.com hopes to add in everyone's lives – providing safe and clean food, changing eating habits of the world and guiding future generations towards a sustainable lifestyle and a greener planet.
Join the organic revolution!