LONDON SUPER FOOD Organic Quinoa Black

AED 36.99
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    LONDON SUPER FOOD Organic Quinoa Black
    AED 36.99
    AED 36.99

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    The scientific name of Quinoa is Chenopodium Quinoa. It is known to have existed 7000 years back. The Incas domesticated it in Andean valley (around Lake Titicaca) 5000 years back. They called it chiyas Mama. (Mother of all grain) and used it to strengthen their soldiers and increase their stamina for the long wars. It is a naturally gluten free. seed cooked and eaten like grain. Native to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador & USA

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    On a quest to bring together and closer to you all things Organic, Vegan, Niche' & Sustainable.
    Let’s go back to the past to build a better tomorrow - Come, Join the Revolution!

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to build a company that will help change the eating habits of an entire generation, by making healthy and responsible food choices available everywhere, accessible for everyone, under one roof. We strive to offer options that make the next generation 'think' their food, be informed consumers and world citizens which will eventually create a healthy generation, a conscientious society and a sustainable planet.

    Our Mission

    We are on a mission to make healthy and ethical food, the first choice of consumers by making it all easily available under one roof. With a global aspiration to expand to 20 countries by 2025, we aim to deliver speciality and niche food from any part of the world, as per personal food and lifestyle choices, right at your doorstep. We are also committed to supporting fair trade, help farmers sustain organic farming and practice eco-positive methods in the process.