Organic Legumes/Pulses

AED 72.45
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    Organic Legumes/Pulses
    AED 72.45
    AED 72.45

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    Up your protein game the healthy way with our carefully curated Pulses Box containing Certified Organic pulses including Moong Dal, Green Peas, Arhar Dal, Rajma Beans, Chana Whole, Urad Dal Split, Chana Dal, Kabul Chana.

    Organic Chick peas - 500g
    Organic Green peas - 500g
    Organic Kidney Beans - 500g
    Organic Black/Chitra Beans - 500g
    Organic Chana Dal - 500g
    Organic Toor/Multi coloured Dal - 500g
    Organic Masoor Dal - 500g

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