Organic Fruit Box

AED 82.95
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    Organic Fruit Box
    AED 82.95
    AED 82.95

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    We have curated for you this special Organic Fruit Box with some of the freshest all-time favorite fruit mix. It includes Apples, Mango, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Banana, Avocado and Dates. We always love to remind our customers that all these products in our curated boxes are 100% certified organic and contain no pesticide residue, not genetically modified, nor fed on chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

    Organic Apple - 500g
    Organic Blueberries - 125g
    Organic Pomegranate - 500g
    Organic Banana - 500g
    Organic Dates - 500g
    Organic Mango/Orange - 500g
    Organic Avocado - 500g

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