Organic Essential Box

AED 208.95
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    Organic Essential Box
    AED 208.95
    AED 208.95

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    Whether you are already an Organic food buff or in the process of shifting to an organic life, this Essential Box of Organic goodies contain almost all kitchen essentials - White Flour(Maida), Whole Wheat Flour, Fresh Milk, White Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Fine Sea Salt, Basmati Rice, Ketchup, Coconut Oil, Mayonnaise, Honey and Butter.

    Organic basmati Rice - 1Kg
    Organic wheatflour - 750g
    Organic Maida - 500g
    Organic Sugar - 1Kg
    Organic Salt - 1Kg
    Organic Mayonnaise - 250g
    Organic Ketchup - 500g
    Organic Fresh Milk - 1L
    Organic Sunflower oil - 1L
    Organic Coconut Oil - 500ml
    Organic Butter - 250g
    Organic pasta - 500g
    Organic Honey - 250g

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