NATURELAND Organic Corn Flakes, 200g

AED 11.99
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    NATURELAND Organic Corn Flakes, 200g
    AED 11.99
    AED 11.99

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    The word cereal derives from Ceres, the name of the Roman goddess of harvest and agriculture. Cereal is a grass cultivated for the edible components of their composed of the endosperm, germ, and bran. Cereal grains are grown in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide than any other type of crop they are therefore staple crops. In their natural form (as in whole grain), they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and protein. Cereals are staple food of people in Asia, America, Africa, and of livestock worldwide. A large portion of major cereal crops are grown for purposes other than human consumption. Maize, wheat and rice together accounted for 87% of all grain production worldwide and 43% of all food calories.

    • Daily need products for a healthy and energetic life
    • Natureland’s organic corn flakes are a good way to start your day filled with energy it is a good source of folate, helpful in preventing birth defects and heart diseases
    • It is very rich in thiamine, good for carbohydrate metabolism, energy production and cognitive functions, very low in saturated fat and a gives you a good satiety
    • Best organic grocery