MOVING MOUNTAINS Plant-Based Vegan Burger Patties

AED 39.99
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    MOVING MOUNTAINS Plant-Based Vegan Burger Patties
    AED 39.99
    2 X 170gm
    AED 39.99

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    Moving Mountains have created plant-based meat that requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than what comes from producing a regular portion of animal meat. Starting with The Moving Mountains Burger.

    The Burger is made from simple and natural ingredients only. Smell it when raw. Watch it Sizzle in the pan and go golden brown. Dress it how you like and dig right in! As the burger is made from plants, you won’t find any traces of cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones, while being packed with plant protein and loaded with vitamin B12.


    Water, Mushrooms, Soya Protein, Pea Protein, Wheat Protein, Oats, Coconut Oil, Beetroot, Onion, Natural Flavourings, Colouring, Vitamin B12, Preservative, Vegetable Oil.

    Nutrition Facts
    NUTRITION per 100gm
    Energy 1037kj / 254kcal
    Proteins 14.4g
    Carbohydrates 4.9g
    -Sugars 0.6g
    Fat 20g
    -Saturated 18g
    Fibre 4.1g
    Salt 1.2g