In the evolved modern world, the art of gifting has become so much about its high value, or superlative aesthetic appeal, niche high-end brands and sometimes just outdoing the last gift received. But, Gifting does not only mean giving away a product or an object but it largely means an extension and a reflection of the giver itself. Gifting something personal brings with it a lot of emotional connect and leaves behind a deep impact.

Fortunately, the world is fast waking up to the ethical green concept of gifting, with emphasis on it being useful, sustainable, creating lower impact on the environment as well as personal budgets. Increasingly, individuals and even corporates are looking to gifting solutions that are not a reflection of their monetary standard instead those that reflect a thought, their community ethics and responsible living.

This exactly is the vision of Organic & Real's 'Green Gifting' concept, where we give our customers the option of Gifting eco-friendly, Gifting 'right' !

They are exquisitely hand crafted, in all-natural gift baskets with zero plastic or other synthetics and are adorned with sustainable accents such as jute, wood,coconut husk & shell, coir, palm fiber, wood shavings, cotton, dried flower, stems, leaves and all things that are gifts of nature - which effectively means that the gift you have chosen for your loved ones leaves behind zero non-degradable waste nor any harmful residue on Earth.

Simply pick and choose the style of gift basket that suits the recipient and occasion and sit back with a smile knowing you have contributed thoughtfully towards a greener future.

Green Gifting Bundles

Seasonal & Festive Gift Bundles

  • Diwali Chota Bundle

    AED 99.00
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  • Diwali Shubh Bundle

    AED 169.00
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  • Diwali Meetha Bundle

    AED 199.00
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  • Organic & Sustainable Christmas Gift Bundle (Small)

    AED 199.00
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  • Organic & Sustainable Christmas Gift Bundle (Large)

    AED 249.00
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  • O&R Xmas Gift Bundle 3

    AED 208.95
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  • O&R Xmas Gift Bundle 2

    AED 135.45
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  • O&R Xmas Gift Bundle 1

    AED 93.45
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( NOTE: Please note that all gift basket/boxes and products are subject to seasonal availability )

Other customization options

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Our vision is to build a company that will help change the eating habits of an entire generation, by making healthy and responsible food choices available everywhere, accessible for everyone, under one roof. We strive to offer options that make the next generation 'think' their food, be informed consumers and world citizens which will eventually create a healthy generation, a conscientious society and a sustainable planet.

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We are on a mission to make healthy and ethical food, the first choice of consumers by making it all easily available under one roof. With a global aspiration to expand to 20 countries by 2025, we aim to deliver speciality and niche food from any part of the world, as per personal food and lifestyle choices, right at your doorstep. We are also committed to supporting fair trade, help farmers sustain organic farming and practice eco-positive methods in the process.