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  • QUORN Meat Free Crunchy Nuggets, 280g - Vegan, Soy-free

    Quantity: 280grams
    AED 29.99
  • ORGANIC LARDER Cocoa & Hazelnut Spread, 350g - Vegan, Dairy-free, Egg-free

    Quantity: 350grams
    AED 27.99
  • ORGANIC LARDER American Peanut Butter, Crunchy, 454g

    Quantity: 454grams
    AED 50.99
  • ORGANIC LARDER Acacia Honey, 350g

    Quantity: 350grams
    AED 42.99
  • ELLAS KITCHEN Carrot + Lentil Crunchy Sticks

    Quantity: 15gm
    AED 12.99
  • GOOD LIFE Picador Parsnip & Sweet Carrot Nut Burgers with Crunchy Cashews, Pack of 4

    Quantity: 320grams

    Regular Price: AED 28.99

    Special Price AED 19.99

  • NATURE'S FINEST Organic Crunchy Strawberry Peanut Butter

    Quantity: 350gm

    Regular Price: AED 39.99

    Special Price AED 33.99

  • ORGANIC LARDER Peas in Brine, 350g

    Quantity: 350Grams
    AED 9.99
  • ORGANIC LARDER Chocolate Cluster Crunchy

    Quantity: 375gm
    AED 32.99

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9 Item(s)